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Thermocoagulation treatment

Thermocoagulation is a treatment that consists of reducing or even eliminating vascular imperfections such as rosacea (telangiectasia), stellate angiomas and ruby ​​points in the face and the neckline.

In addition, this treatment eliminates non-vascular diseases such as Pendulums, Milia and cholesterol deposits.

Thermocoagulation uses heat generated by a radio frequency / high frequency current to convert liquids to solid. The current is transmitted to the skin through a needle applied to the surface directly on the targeted area. The imperfection will coagulate by forming scar tissue that will be removed by the body’s healing mechanisms. The results become visible between 3 and 21 days.

Rosacea/Spider veins
What is telangiectasia?

Permanent dilation of small blood vessels (arterioles, venules or capillaries).

Stellate angioma
What is Stellate angioma ?

Spider-like Capillary dilation, similar to telangiectasia.

Ruby Points
What is Ruby Points?

They are vascular imperfections of which several dilated capillaries are concentrated on a small surface.

Skin tags
What is skin tag ?

A small outgrowth of pedicle-shaped epithelial cells, sometimes terminated by verrucosis.

  • Usually, appear with age.
  • Can be the same color or darker than the skin.
  • Are linked to the skin by vascularized capillaries.
  • Can be without base/flat or suspended/with base.
What is Milia ?

Small, encysted papules containing dried fat and/or dead cells.

  • With a pearly appearance, these small white cysts form on the opening of sebaceous glands of the skin and are similar to comedones.
  • Affects mainly the face, but especially on the cheeks and eyelids.
Cholesterol Deposit
What is Cholesterol Deposit?

Small yellowish patches or papules (1-2 mm), slightly elevated.

  • Caused by the accumulation of cholesterol (bad fat) in the skin.
  • Can come from changes in the metabolism of fats in the blood.
  • Mostly localized around the eyes.
Thermocoagulation Results

Before / After

Price List

15-minute vascular block treatment85 $
30-minute vascular block treatment115 $
Non vascular Treatment8 $+tx/min + 10 $/filament (needle)
* Prices are subject to change without notice. All our prices do not include taxes