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Waxing – Women

This depilatory method is very ancient but constantly evolving. Our superior quality wax is especially designed to make your entire experience an enjoyable one.
Moreover, our beauticians use a technic to remove hair rapidly, efficiently and softly.

For the young girl or the woman who doesn’t like to use the razor, for the man who wants to progressively diminish the density and the size of his hair, it is the most affordable solution. 

Price List

Eyebrows17 $Tanga Side Bikini29 $
Chin13$Complete bikini39 $
Upper lips15$Half-leg25 $
Arms26 $Thighs28 $
Armpits17$Complete legs45 $
Traditionnal bikini line24 $
* Prices are subject to change without notice.

10% discount for three epilation areas or more.

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal (IPL)

The intense pulsed light hair removal, or IPL, works on a similar principle than the laser depilation, but contrary to the traditional laser, which sends the energy in a straight line, this more recent technology disseminates a wide range of energy. This equipment produces a light pulse, which travels from the hair pigment to the bulb, and then is destroyed by heat.

This treatment is not painful at all, and you will see results after the first few sessions. Our device is one of the most efficient and secure on the market. It is equipped with a cooling system in order to offer the best experience to the client. Moreover, our beauticians receive a compulsory initial and continuing training. (Supporting diplomas)

Price List

Cheeks55 $Torso150 $ à 200 $
Chin45 $Breast40 $
Complete beard150 $Intergluteal cleft55 $
Upper lip50 $Gluteus85 $
Neck60 $Bikini line70 $
Nape60 $Tanga Side Bikini100 $
Shoulders80 $Bikini intergluteal cleft175 $
Armpits60 $Thighs180 $
Foreams100 $Half-leg165 $
Whole back150 à 200 $Whole legs300 $
Pectoral muscles150 $Top of the foot and big toes35 $
* Prices are subject to change without notice.


This method of permanent hair removal is still highly coveted. An electrical probe is passed into the hair follicle and a gentle electrical current is directed at the hair root. After a series of IPL or laser treatments, when there are only a few undesired hairs, this method is the way to go. A finishing treatment at low cost, and the only one that is still accepted in the eyebrows area.

Price List

1 to 15 minutes1.75$ /minute
60 minutes90 $
Minimum of 15 minutes buy sessionpackage
* Prices are subject to change without notice. All our prices do not include taxes