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For men

These treatments are also available for men :
Massage therapy and naturo therapy
Pedicure and podologie
Intense pulsed light hair removal

Waxing epilation

The most affordable solution for men who want to progressively decrease the density and size of their hair.

Obtain 10% discount on the waxing of three different zones.

Price list

  • Whole legs 50 $
  • Whole legs and bottom 65 $
  • Nape of the neck 12 $
  • Chest and abdomen 30 $
  • Whole back 35 $
  • Arms 30 $
  • Eyebrows 15 $
  • Ears 12 $
  • Armpits 15 $
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Face care

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, but as men get older, the skin gets thinner. The man’s skin PH is slightly more acidic than women, this is why they need more hydration. The shaving and lack of daily care worsen this situation. Moreover, the sebum production (an oily substance that protects the surface of the skin) located around hair follicles, is active until men reach 80 years old. The comedones (blackheads) can be very apparent and unsightly and are located on the nose, forehead, around the eyes, on the neck and even in the ears. She will give you useful advice and guidance for you to maintain this clinical care’s benefits as long as possible. We are looking forward to taking care of you!

Price list

  • Masculine men care - 75 minutes 85 $
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