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Permanent make-up eyebrow

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Permanent eyebrow make-up, what is it exactly?

It is based on the same principle as traditional tattooing, except for the choice of pigments (minerals) and the training of the beautician. She has followed a complete training (diploma) and has sufficient knowledge to advise you about the shape and colour of your eyebrows.

Permanent makeup will help you correct minor flaws,

  • Correct very fine or non-existent eyebrows
  • Too short, asymetric or poorly-shaped eyebrows
  • Fill holes in scattered eyebrows
  • Conceal a scar
  • Restructure your gaze by changing the shape of your eyebrows

Tidy eyebrows will highlight your complexion.

Perfect for whom ?

For people having a hard time applying make-up.

  • Makeup doesn’t smudge during effort
  • You will not need any make-up retouching

Offer yourself peace of mind thanks to this refined eyebrows makeup
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Price list

  • Permanent make-up eyebrow 250 $ à 400 $
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