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Manicure and pedicure

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Manicure and nail application

What’s the difference between nail application and nail covering ?
Manicure and shellac ?
Nail application consists of applying a prosthesis in order to lenghten your nails that are short at the base. We then apply a woven resin in order to solidify everything. The covering consists of the application of woven resin directly on the brittle nail that is naturally long. This process insures the manicure’s sustainability for about four weeks. The nails will remain beautiful without maintenance and don’t break. The traditional manicure consists of pushing back cuticles, shaping nails and treat them, apply a nail polish, either coloured or French, and ending with a hands massage with a spectific cream. The Shellac manicure includes all the same steps, but we replace the polish with the Shellac. The client will have no wait time for the drying and it will last about three weeks.

Nail decoration is also available.
* It is important to mention that all files are individual and the instruments are cleaned and sterilized in order to insure nails hygiene.

Price list

  • Traditional manicure - 30 minutes 40 $
  • Manicure and paraffin - 45 minutes 55 $
  • Shellac manicure - 60 minutes 40 $
  • Woven resin nail application - 90 minutes 65 $
  • Natural nails covering - 75 minutes 55 $
  • Return to the natural - 45 minutes 40 $
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Pedicure and podology

The well-being for your feet is essential for your life balance. The choice of care is paramount in order for you to obtain entire satisfaction. It is important to tell your beautician what are your needs in order to get the best care ever. We offer you a whole range of choices to meet your expectations. Podology consists of a specialised care for treating plantar warts, excessive horn, nails mycosis, athlete’s foot and incornated nails. Moreover, all files are for single use only and instruments used for the care are aseptised and sterilised in accordance with Health Canada’s guidelines.

Price list

  • Podology - 60 minutes 75 $
  • Pedicure - 60 minutes 58 $
  • Pedicure and French nail polish - 60 minutes 65 $
  • Shellac pedicure - 90 minutes 75 $
  • Express pedicure with nail polish - 30 minutes 40 $
  • Express pedicure with Shellac - 30 minutes 50 $
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